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 Brian "Whitey" Durham

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PostSubject: Brian "Whitey" Durham   Fri Dec 04, 2009 1:34 pm

Brian Whitey Durham

Brian 'Whitey_Durham' Durham coached the Ravens for many years and played basketball himself when he was younger. The nickname 'Whitey' comes from a game with the all black team 'The Monarchs', when, after deciding to mix the teams, the captain of one group said "I'll take Whitey", as Brian was the last white player left to be picked. His wife Camilla died on the operation table, leaving him with no children. He has since considered the Ravens team as more or less his children. There is one exception: Whitey has a long-standing feud with Dan Scott, who was once Whitey's star player. This feud started when, after an argument with Whitey, Dan sat down and refused to play during a State Championship, which the Ravens subsequently lost. Whitey is a very good friend of Dan's older brother Keith, also a former player of his. He has a close friendship with Karen Roe, Dan's ex and Lucas's mother and a father figure to most of the players on the team, especially Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott and Jake Jagielski.

He is played by Barry Corbin.

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Brian "Whitey" Durham
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