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 Keith Alan Scott

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PostSubject: Keith Alan Scott   Fri Dec 04, 2009 1:35 pm

Keith Alan Scott

Keith grew up in Tree Hill along with his younger brother Dan. Both brothers played for the Tree Hill Ravens under Coach Whitey Durham, although Whitey said that Keith was the worst basketball player the Ravens ever had. Keith always had a crush on Dan's girlfriend Karen, and when Karen became pregnant and Dan abandoned her, Keith stepped in to help Karen raise her son Lucas. As a result, in later life Keith didn't see much of Dan, Dan's wife Deb, or their son Nathan.

Keith worked as a mechanic and built up his own business, Keith Scott Motors. He planned to open his own car dealership, until Dan stole his idea using Deb's money. Keith then taught Dan everything he knew about cars. According to show creator Mark Schwahn, speaking on the DVD commentary for the pilot, Keith was originally intended to be an alcoholic, but this plotline was later downplayed. However, Keith's drinking comes up on more than one occasion and Dan's nickname for him is 'Boozy'.

He is played by Craig Sheffer.

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Keith Alan Scott
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