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 James "Jamie" Lucas Scott

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PostSubject: James "Jamie" Lucas Scott   Fri Dec 04, 2009 1:51 pm

James Lucas Scott

James Lucas Scott is a highly intelligent seven year old boy and the son of Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott. He looks a lot like his godfather and uncle, Lucas Scott, and has the brains of his mother. His name is derived from the maiden name of Haley James and the name of his godfather/uncle Lucas Scott. They live in Tree Hill, NC. James is usually referred to as 'Jamie', 'Jimmy Jam' or 'J. Luke'. He is known to stand up for himself and be intelligent beyond his years. Nathan and Haley often refer to him as being "too smart for his own good", usually when he wisecracks about something that is said or is going on. He's very close with his family and friends. Like Nathan, Jamie has keen interest in basketball and dreams of his father playing in the NBA. He also can play piano like his mother.

Jamie has a close relationship with his uncle, Lucas Scott, much the way Lucas had a close relationship with his uncle, Keith Scott.

He is played by Jackson Brundage.

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James "Jamie" Lucas Scott
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