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 [6x02] Day of the Moon

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PostSubject: [6x02] Day of the Moon   Sat May 21, 2011 5:34 pm

+ 6x02 - Day of the Moon +

The Doctor is locked in the perfect prison. Amy, Rory and River Song are chased by the FBI throughout America. With the help of their new friend infiltrated in the FBI, Canton Everett Delware the Third, our heroes are reunited to share their discoveries, if not their memories, because the world is occupied by an alien force who is controling the human thoughts with the post-hypnotic suggestion and nobody can be hopeful.

Helped by the President and Neil Armstrong's foot, the Doctor must organise a revolution to chase the enemy and save the lost little girl. Nobody knows why they took her, or why they kidnapped Amy Pond...


"I don't wanna go" - Tenth Doctor

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[6x02] Day of the Moon
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