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 Blair Waldorf

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PostSubject: Blair Waldorf   Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:13 pm

Blair Waldorf

Queen Bee of the social scene; a position she inherited from her best friend after Serena left New York. An only child, she is introduced as the daughter of a divorced fashion designer mother and a gay father and the longtime girlfriend of Nate Archibald although she became involved with Nate’s best friend Chuck Bass and later falls in love with him. Blair is often portrayed as haughty, shallow, intelligent, and scheming. Despite her uptight, frivolous nature, she “works for everything she’s ever gotten”, in contrast to Serena, and despite her snobbish ways, she constantly looks out for those she cares about. She is described as being of medium height with wavy brown hair.

What do you think of Blair?



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Blair Waldorf
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