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 Shelley Simon

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PostSubject: Shelley Simon   Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:37 pm

Shelly Simon

Shelly was introduced as a girl who wanted to prevent Brooke from having an abortion, although it was later revealed that Brooke wasn't pregnant at all. Glenda told Brooke that although Shelly was the Clean Teens' leader and a "virgin for life", she used to be promiscuous, and Brooke found out that Shelly had had an abortion after getting pregnant at a Christian camp. Shelley tried to get Rachel Gatina and Brooke Davis to join Clean Teens as well, which they did as an alibi on the night they stole a Calculus test. Shelly soon fired Rachel, as she fell somewhat short of the Clean Teens' ideals. In "Pictures of You" Shelly called Mouth a geek. They had to pair up for an assignment, and got to know each other in the process. Mouth asked her to the prom and Shelly said yes. They kissed. Shelly took Mouth's virginity in "Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers" but left in horror at having broken her own rules. She reappeared at the graduation party after dissolving Clean Teens; she made up with Mouth, who later defended her from a guy who insulted her. They do not rekindle their love, but Shelly remains friends with most of Tree Hill High's girls.

She is played by Elisabeth Harnois.

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Shelley Simon
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