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 Clayton (Clay) Evans

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PostSubject: Clayton (Clay) Evans   Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:46 pm

Clayton Evans

Portrayed by Robert Buckley

Clayton Evans is a the sports agent of NBA player Nathan Scott who has grown close to his family and friends. He enjoys the privalaged lifestyle he leads but has come to find that something is missing. He has explicity stated that he doesn't believe in love after he death of his wife Sara, choosing instead to have a constant string of meaningless flings with various girls. He moved to Tree Hill after the Sara's death caused him to go off the rails and almost ruining his career and he sees Nathan as his top priority as he is trying to prove to the agency that he is capable. He has formed a close friendship with Quinn James since arriving, which blossomed into a relationship after he told her about Sara.

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Clayton (Clay) Evans
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