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 Dean Winchester

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PostSubject: Dean Winchester   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:16 pm

Dean Winchester

Dean was born on January 24, 1979 to John and Mary Winchester. He was the couple’s eldest child, and has one sibling, Sam, who is four years younger. Dean was named after his maternal grandmother Deanna Campbell while his brother was named after his maternal grandfather, Samuel Campbell.

Dean drives a black four-door 1967 Chevy Impala (given to him by his father), and is a fan of classic rock music and heavy metal. He always wears a metal amulet, given to him as a gift by his brother, on a long black cloth band necklace. In “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” the necklace is revealed to have been a gift from Sam on Christmas Day, 1991. The amulet was originally meant for John, and obtained from Bobby Singer, but after their father failed to come home for Christmas (as often), Sam gave it to Dean instead, saying “Dad lied to me; I want you to have it,” and because Dean had tried to give him a good Christmas. In addition to the amulet, Dean always wears a silver ring on his right ring finger. Dean sports a MTM-Specail Ops Watch (The Black Patriot Model) and wears it in the 4th season with a velcro band. He also has a small black tattoo on the upper left side of his chest; it is a protective plated pentagram with rays of the sun surrounding it. The symbol is said to ward off demonic possession.

Dean appears to be a fan of Jack Nicholson and possibly watches Oprah. He tends to make light of some of his and Sam’s adventures, and is known to use crude humor and to make sexual innuendos. Dean is terrified of flying, and claims that it is the reason why he drives everywhere. Despite his working knowledge of existence beyond death, he is skeptical towards religion.

Dean values his family and their safety more than anything else, even going so far as to kill a demon and its human host in order to save Sam’s life, as well as selling his own soul to save Sam’s life.

Dean is typically ruthless and aggressive when he is hunting, a task which he approaches euphorically. He passionately despises what he hunts, especially demons, and is prepared to kill without question more often than not, unlike his brother. However, despite these traits, Dean is very laid-back and well-disposed when not on the hunt, and he values the safety of his family and innocent civilians above all else, even his own life. Though on occasion he can be somewhat impulsive and/or arrogant, Dean is both extremely intelligent and competent, and most situations in which he exhibits irrational behavior is when his family is threatened.

Dean enjoys the uncomplicated things in life, such as good food and television. He almost constantly displays some level of humorous behavior, and frequently makes light of tense situations, often making inappropriate jokes or using sexual innuendo. He sometimes appears foolish due to this habit, but it has been entailed that this is merely his means of dealing with the stress of hunting.

Dean attempts to be something of a womanizer, but has been in love with at least one woman. He has the capacity to become close with a woman, however, and it has been suggested on occasion throughout the series that this is what Dean truly desires, a normal life, with a wife, children and a regular job.

After he was extracted from Hell by Castiel, Dean began to exhibit noticeable anxiety and experience chronic, abominable nightmares of his experience there, apparently every time he closes his eyes. He also seemed to have some form of flashback after seeing a collection of masks in the episode "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester", and repeatedly several times when blood is seen around eyes, such as Alistair's First appearance, when a statues eyes bled and Dean appeared to recognize this. He at first denied remembering anything of his time in Hell, but eventually he confessed to Sam that he did in fact remember every detail, but rejected any discussion about it not wanting to live over the details of the "indescribable things" he saw. It is later revealed he not only saw terrible things, but forty years in Hell. However, he also states, despite his strength to last thirty years without torturing other souls so as to escape the torment himself, he finally broke down and tortured for ten years. Dean's experience in Hell left a profound mark on him. He exhibits extreme grief and guilt, both for his actions and for the fact that he eventually gave in. Due to this, he believes he was unworthy of rescue. He has also explained to his brother that he wishes he couldn't feel anything, as the sorrow he feels is so overwhelming. He has also become obsessed with saving people, almost not sleeping in order to save as many as he can. In the episode "Family Remains", however, Dean states it is not just the fact he tortured, but the fact he enjoyed it which causes his guilt and shame, relishing the opportunity to put his pain on other unfortunate souls. It was this act, of a righteous man turning on others that broke the first seal.

Another side of Dean shown recently is his utter disgust at Sam for his actions such as blood drinking. However, almost immediately after some threatening and cajoling by Bobby, Dean realizes the error in his ways and, although remaining angry at Sam, he vows to save his brother. Dean also realizes family isn't perfect and there will always be times when they hurt him. In the final episode of season 4 after the argument with Bobby when he was in the "safe house", he forgave his brother during the final few moments when Lucifer was rising.

As of season 5 Dean does not trust Sam, and feels as if he is holding himself back and putting the world in jeopardy just to keep Sam safe. He tells Sam that Lucifer will use the fact that they are family and have love for each other against them until he was sent to the future by Zachariah. Once there, he realized that he and Sam kept each other grounded, and when he got back, he immediately called his brother. They were a team again, even though it took Dean awhile to completely trust his brother again.

What do you think of Dean?



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Dean Winchester
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