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 Sam Winchester

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PostSubject: Sam Winchester   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:18 pm

Sam Winchester

Sam was born on May 2, 1983 to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas. He was the couple’s second child, four years younger than his older brother, Dean. Sam is 6′ 4″ tall. He is named after his maternal grandfather, Samuel Campbell.

In the first episode, the viewers are introduced to Sam, a senior at Stanford who is applying to law school. He rebelled against the family business of hunting supernatural evil and hasn’t spoken to his father, John, in years. Dean goes to see him to ask for his help in finding their father, who went missing while on a hunting trip. Sam lived with his girlfriend, Jessica, before her demise.

Sam (and Dean) spent their childhood moving from town to town every few weeks as their father “hunted”. In 1997 they had been enrolled in four different high schools by the end of November. Sam was a quite capable fighter, easily dispatching a bully that was several inches taller and 30 pounds heavier, and carried a butterfly knife in his book bag. Sam also caught the attention of a writing instructor for his “fictional” story of how they had killed a werewolf the previous year - the teacher encouraged Sam to consider carving out his own life instead of getting into the “family business”.

Sam's sensitive, methodical, and addictive personality has fed his desire for power, power that he wants to use to help save lives and redeem himself for starting the apocalypse and freeing Lucifer. Sam is caring and has a sincere concern for other people's problems, however, he is not at all good at taking orders. Sam started out in (S1) as a emotional melancholy character who lost the love of his life Jessica in a terrible fire on just like his mother died in his nursery years earlier. Sam is often motivated by vengeance throughout the seasons that often clouds his judgement. In (S1) Sam vows to avenge Jessica's death and much like his father John allowed revenge over Mary's death to fuel his desires to stop evil, despite the damage it caused himself or his family. Sam is strong-willed and can be quite stubborn especially if he believes he's right. Sam wants to show his father and brother that he isn't a child anymore, he was unsuccessful though as his father died in (S2)and his brother continued to take the lead in the family hunting business.

As Sam develops more abilities, his personality changes; Sam acts scared, then overly confident, concerned, then determined all at the same time empowered to do more with them because they make him feel special. Sam finally learns the source of his power but instead of being vengeful he shows mercy like to a fellow "special child" Jake, but is then murdered in cold blood by him. This act changes; he returns from the dead more ruthless, killing Jake coldly and without remorse. The darker side of Sam's personality starts growing stronger. Yet, Sam also displays signs of being even more passionate about protecting the innocent, saving his brother and destroying evil. Even if it meant taking matters into his own hands more often. Sam is less of the sensitive and polite college boy he was early on and more methodical and dangerous as he searches all of (S3) for a way to stop his brother Dean from going to hell.

He even begins to take assistance from a demon named Ruby who fuels his quest for the power to save his brother in order to achieve her own goals. Ruby is unsuccessful at convincing Sam to embrace his dark abilities in (S3) and so Dean dies and Sam is left bitter and desperate. He no longer wants to live until Ruby mysteriously reappears in his life, saves him and teaches him how to make his powers stronger by drinking her own blood. Sam soon becomes addicted to the demon blood, but Sam convinces himself that he needs the power to destroy Lilith. Dean is resurrected and accompanies his brother on the journey to kill Lilith and stop the apocalypse. Sam's unwillingness to open up scares those closest to him, and he becomes much more aggressive. Sam fights with his brother a lot during this time, and Dean doesn't know how to handle the change his brother is going though.

Sam reconnects with Ruby to destroy Lilith. Sam is even willing to torture and bleed a young woman dry in order to find Lilith. Sam kills Lilith which is the last seal to start the apocalypse and releases Lucifer. Sam is shocked, and heartbroken by Ruby's betrayal and his subsequent release of Lucifer and the start of the Apocalypse. He eventually finishes off Ruby along with Dean. Afterwards, Sam is left with a world about to plunge into chaos, an angry Dean and now has discovered in (S5) that he is Lucifer's true vessel. Sam feels guilty and angry at himself for what he's done, vows to redeem himself, but first he takes a break from hunting to clear his mind. Sam has experienced much, and has grown significantly. He wants to prove he is not evil as well as prove to his brother that they can be better than before but he insists they do it on a level playing field as equals.

Sam exhibits both telekinetic and precognitive abilities at various times throughout the series. His telekinesis first manifested when he was locked in a closet by another "special child" and had a vision that he would kill Dean, the stress of which allowed him to escape. His precognitive abilities, manifesting first as dreams and visions of others' deaths, started prior to the first episode with dreams of Jessica's death, and continued throughout the first two seasons. In the first season episode "Home", Sam demonstrated the ability to sense the presence of the poltergeist even after Missouri couldn't. Also, in "In My Time of Dying", Sam was able to sense Dean's spirit during a time of great stress. He is immune to a demon-spawned virus, called Croatoan, which turns humans violent and drives them to infect others. Sam stated that visions stopped with the death of Azazel at the end of Season 2; however, according to Ruby, his powers were simply dormant

What do you think of Sam?



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Sam Winchester
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