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 Bobby Singer

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PostSubject: Bobby Singer   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:23 pm

Bobby Singer

Robert “Bobby” Steven Singer is a fictional character in The CW Television Network’s Supernatural played by Jim Beaver. He is presumably named after the show’s executive producer, Robert Singer.

Bobby is a hunter like the Winchesters, though he seems to stay fairly stationary. He wears a lot of flannel and is almost always seen in a trucker’s hat. He runs an auto salvage yard as his day job, and is the Winchesters’ go-to guy for supernatural research. He became involved in hunting supernatural evil after his wife became possessed and he was forced to kill her, because of his lack of supernatural knowledge at that time. He seems to have amassed quite a bit of knowledge over the years (being the first to deduce on his own that Meg was in fact possessed), plus his house is full of bookcases and stacks of books about the supernatural world and the things hunters go after. He and John Winchester were old friends, though they had a falling out sometime before the events that began the TV show. At Bobby’s first appearance, Dean Winchester comments that the last time Bobby and John met, Bobby almost “filled him with buckshot,” but Bobby stepped in and began helping John, Sam, and Dean again during the course of the show.

What do you think of Bobby?



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Bobby Singer
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