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 Jo Harvelle

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PostSubject: Jo Harvelle   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:26 pm

Jo Harvelle

Jo Harvelle first meets Sam and Dean Winchester in the second season episode "Everybody Loves a Clown" when they come looking for her mother Ellen at the Harvelle Roadhouse—a saloon frequented by hunters—after their father, John Winchester, dies. Throughout the second season, Jo appears to have romantic feelings for Dean, and, though he states that he too has feelings for her, he won't act on them. Against her mother's wishes, she later slips away from the Roadhouse to help the brothers on a hunt, though ends up being saved by them. Her mother is angry at the boys for this and reveals to Jo that John's recklessness was responsible for the death of her father, which strains Jo's friendship with the Winchester brothers. She later leaves the Roadhouse to live the life of a hunter. A demon possessing Sam later sows more dissent by claiming that John actually killed her father "to put him out of his misery" after he incurred fatal wounds, despite her father's pleas to see his wife and daughter one more time. Dean rescues Jo from the demon, and she then attempts to follow Dean in the search for Sam. However, Dean refuses to allow her to come. Dean tells Jo he will call her, but as he leaves, Jo quietly whispers, "No, you won't".

In the fifth season episode "Good God, Y'All!", Jo reappears with her mother Ellen in a small town called River Pass in Colorado. They were there to help Rufus, a demon hunter and one of Bobby's friends, to help kill the demons that have laid siege to the town, but both were separated in the chaos. Jo later finds and joins up with Rufus and other townspeople. Eventually they attack Sam and Ellen, both of them appearing to be possessed by demons. Jo joins in with Rufus to torture the supposed "demon" out of a captured Sam with holy water and salt, but ends up doubtful when no effects on him are present. Dean and Ellen arrive, and after a brief struggle manage to convince Jo and Rufus that War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is responsible for making all the people in town turn against each other by thinking that both sides are demons.

Jo and Ellen once again team up with the Winchesters in "Abandon All Hope...", reacquiring the Colt—a mystical gun rumored to be capable of killing anything—and planning to kill Lucifer. Upon tracking his location to an abandoned town, they are confronted by the demonic Meg, who sends hellhounds after them. The hunters seek refuge in a supplies store, but Jo is mauled by a hellhound in the process. Dying, she suggests that they build bombs of salt and iron nails; using herself as bait, she can kill the creatures, allowing the rest of them to escape from the roof. Reluctantly, the Winchesters and her mother agree. Once the bombs are set in place, Dean says his farewells, and kisses her on her forehead and lips. Ellen, unable to leave her daughter's side, stays behind to unbar the doors knowing Jo would not be able to. However, Jo dies before the hellhounds enter, so Ellen detonates the bombs for her, destroying the store and killing the hellhounds.

What do you think of Jo?



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Jo Harvelle
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