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 Ellen Harvelle

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PostSubject: Ellen Harvelle   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:28 pm

Ellen Harvelle

An old friend of John Winchester, Ellen Harvelle is the wife of hunter William Anthony Harvelle and the mother of Jo Harvelle. She runs Harvelle’s Roadhouse, a saloon and pub frequented by hunters of supernatural creatures. When Sam and Dean Winchester arrive there in the second season episode "Everybody Loves a Clown", they find the place abandoned. Wary of new strangers, Ellen holds Sam at gunpoint while Jo subdues Dean. Upon realizing that John is their father, Ellen offers them a room in the back where they could stay, but Dean declines the offer. In "Bloodlust", Sam asks Ellen for information on a hunter named Gordon Walker, and she tells him that, although Gordon is a good hunter, he is too dangerous to work with. Later, in "Simon Said", Sam and Dean tell about the coming demon war against humanity, revealing to her what they know about the demon Azazel and the special children he has pursued.

However, her relationship with the brothers is strained in the episode "No Exit", where she reveals that her husband's death was the result of a mistake made by John Winchester while they were working together on a hunt. In "Hunted", Sam goes to see Ellen at the Roadhouse. She admits to him that her husband's death was not John's fault, and that she had forgiven him a long time ago. She also informs Sam that Jo has gone hunting by herself. Sam apologizes for this, but Ellen does not blame the brothers. Having had an argument with Dean, Sam then tracks down another of Azazel's targets by himself, and Ellen breaks a promise to him by telling Dean of his location, saying afterward, "You can't protect your loved ones forever."

The Roadhouse is destroyed by demons in "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1", and her whereabouts are unknown throughout the episode. It is later revealed that she had left the Roadhouse to run a few errands, leaving Ash behind in it. In the Roadhouse's safe they find a map with marks surrounding Wyoming, which is really a giant devil's trap to keep demons away. She, the Winchesters, and fellow hunter Bobby Singer all go to a cemetery in the middle of the trap, where they corner the special child Jake, who is being forced by Azazel to open a gateway to Hell in a mausoleum there. They are unsuccessful, however, and hundreds of demons are released into the world. As the brothers then deal with Azazel, Ellen and Bobby close the gateway. The two then inform the Winchesters that many demons have escaped Hell, thrusting them into a war against the forces of evil.

In the fifth season episode "Good God, Y'all!", Ellen reappears with Jo to help fellow hunter Rufus kill demons that have laid siege to a small town called River Pass, Colorado. Both mother and daughter are separated in the siege, but Ellen joins up with a group of townspeople holed up in a church. Later, on a patrol, she reunites with Sam and Dean. She and Sam search for Jo but find that she, Rufus and some other townspeople have apparently become possessed. Sam distracts the demons long enough for Ellen to escape. Ellen returns to the church, and the two come to realize that War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is responsible for the siege, making the townspeople think each other are demons. Ellen is almost killed by one of the town's residents until War's spell is destroyed by Sam and Dean.

In the episode "Abandon All Hope...", Ellen and Jo once again team up with the brothers to find Lucifer and kill him. Upon their arrival in a seemingly abandoned small town, the four come face-to-face with the demon Meg, who send a pack of hellhounds after them. On the run, Dean gets attacked by one, and while helping him, Jo is severely mauled as well. They hide in an old store trying to come up with a plan, until Jo tells them to be realistic; she is not going to survive. She suggests to make a bomb of salt and iron—repellents of hellhounds—using her as bait so they can escape. Ellen initially refuses to let her daughter sacrifice herself, but Jo convinces her that it has to be done in order to stop the Apocalypse. Ellen ultimately agrees and stays behind as well, opening the doors to let the hellhounds in. Jo dies in her arms, and seconds later, Ellen blows up the building, killing the hellhounds and herself in the process.

What do you think of Ellen?



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Ellen Harvelle
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