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PostSubject: Castiel   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:30 pm


Castiel typically displays very little emotion and always exhibits an extremely somber disposition. According to the fallen angel Anna, angels possibly do not possess the ability to truly feel emotion. However, Castiel frequently exhibits what could be referred to as friendly affection towards Dean. This attachment and growing ability to feel even causes him to be "demoted", as his superiors fear that emotions are clouding his judgment. Throughout his appearances in the fourth season, he also seems to, at the very least, come close to expressing regret, hesitance, and anger several times, and has once quietly laughed at a joke Dean made in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester", showing a potential sense of humor. Actor Misha Collins feels that, through Dean, "[Castiel is] learning a little bit about humanity and re-learning something about [his] own humanity from that exposure. So I think that there’s a humanizing of Castiel going on." Having lost his connection to Heaven in the fifth season, Castiel's humanization seems to have quickened by the episode "Free to Be You and Me", as he appears extremely anxious while in a whorehouse, is visibly distraught when asking Dean for help, and refers to the archangel Raphael as "my little bitch".

As well, Castiel and other angels are not out helping people in need. Though he has a conscience, Castiel is willing to kill innocents if the need arises. Speaking of his character, actor Misha Collins stated, "I think that these angels are at least loosely derived from some Biblical angel stories, and those angels are [very tough]. They just destroy. I picked up Revelations, and they destroy, they destroy, they destroy. There’s no mention of cherubs and harps or any of that." Despite this, he is shown to be one of the only angels who actually cares about humanity's welfare.

What do you think of Castiel?



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