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 Chuck Shurley

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PostSubject: Chuck Shurley   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:48 pm

Chuck Shurley

Chuck Shurley, also known by the pseudonym Carver Edlund, is an author of a marginalized book series Supernatural, which recounts everything that the Winchester brothers have experienced during the show's run. After confronting him about his seemingly omniscient knowledge of their escapades, it is revealed by the angel Castiel that he is a Prophet of the Lord, and that his works will become new gospels. He is also protected by an archangel powerful enough to force even Lilith to flee from its presence. Between the fourth season finale "Lucifer Rising" and the fifth season premiere "Sympathy for the Devil", he witnesses the death of Castiel at the hands of the archangel Raphael. Being the author of the Supernatural series, he attends the first Supernatural convention that Sam and Dean were tricked into attending; when it turns out the hotel is actually haunted he is forced to occupy the guests and the hotel staff while the Winchesters and a pair of cosplayers destroys the ghosts. When the hotel manager leaves and breaks the salt line, he dissipates the ghost with an iron post, while unintentionally gaining the affections of Becky.

What do you think of Chuck?



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Chuck Shurley
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