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 Meg Masters

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PostSubject: Meg Masters   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:51 pm

Meg Masters

Meg Masters, portrayed by Nicki Aycox, was born in Andover, Massachusetts, and she attended a local college. Walking alone one night, she was taken over by a demon. After it is exorcised from her, the true Meg reveals before she dies that the demon had possessed her for a year and that she was awake through some of it, referring to it as a nightmare. She then feels all of the pain that her body went through when the demon was possessing her, including the broken bones from her seven story fall and the gunshot wound to her abdomen. Slowly dying, she reveals to Sam and Dean where their father is in a cryptic message. Her last word is "sunrise", directing the brothers to the Sunrise apartments, where their father is held captive by demons.

The ghost of the real Meg appears in "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" as one of the Witnesses raised by Lilith's spell to attack the hunters who failed to save them. She reveals to Dean that she had a younger sister who killed herself after her own dead body was found, and denounces Sam for working with Ruby, a demon who possesses helpless victims just like Meg herself. The ghost is enraged that the brothers didn't figure out sooner that she was a host and exorcise the demon before her body had sustained lethal damage. Her soul is eventually put to rest along with those of the other Witnesses.

What do you think of Meg?



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Meg Masters
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