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PostSubject: Lilith   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:58 pm


One of a more powerful class of demons, her eyes appear white, not black, in a human host. Lilith is introduced in the final moments of "Jus in Bello", appearing as a little girl portrayed by Rachel Pattee, searching for the Winchesters. She then proceeds to torture everyone in the station for 45 minutes, eventually destroying the station in a massive explosion. After it is later revealed by Bela Talbot that Lilith holds Dean's contract, Sam and Dean track her down in New Harmony, Indiana, where she is on "shore leave". For fun, she has taken over the body of another little girl, portrayed by Sierra McCormick, and is holding the girl's family hostage, forcing them to act as if she is their daughter. After stealing Ruby's demon-killing knife, Sam and Dean head there and manage to get into the house. However, Lilith secretly expels Ruby, who followed Sam and Dean there, and takes over her host. Dean figures out the truth too late, and Lilith holds Sam at bay as a hellhound kills Dean. Lilith then tries to kill Sam, but finds that she is powerless against him. As Sam goes to kill her with Ruby's knife, Lilith flees from the host and escapes.

It is later revealed to Dean by the angel Castiel that Lilith is trying to release Lucifer. To break one of the 66 seals to free him, she casts a powerful spell in "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" to cause the Rising of the Witnesses, souls of those who had died violent deaths as a result of the supernatural, who then attack the hunters who couldn't save them. Lilith returns in "The Monster at the End Of This Book", possessing a dental hygienist's body portrayed by Katherine Boecher. Having learned that she is destined to die in the apocalypse, she tries to persuade Sam into making a deal with her to stop breaking the seals and to allow things to go back to the way they were before. Sam feigns agreement and then tries to kill her with Ruby's knife, but he fails. Dean and the prophet Chuck show up just in time, and, after being warned that the archangel protecting Chuck is coming to destroy her, Lilith flees from the body. In "Lucifer Rising", Castiel reveals to Dean that killing Lilith is the final seal. Dean attempts to stop Sam, who believes that killing Lilith will prevent Lucifer's release, but Ruby and Lilith herself goad Sam into going through with it. After her death, blood pouring from Lilith's mouth forms the gateway for Lucifer.

According to series creator Eric Kripke, Lilith is "a combination of all myths concerning Lilith." Noting that the mythological Lilith's two main roles appear to be "destroyer of children and seducer of men," Kripke also stated that the show would explore those two roles, with the former already being displayed in the character's choice of hosts. In addition, Kripke stated that Lilith is higher in the demonic hierarchy than Azazel, and that "you don’t get much higher than her until you start digging into Lucifer territory." This is addressed in the fourth season episode "When the Levee Breaks", where it is revealed by Ruby that Lilith is "Lucifer's First", the first human transformed into a demon by Lucifer as a punishment to God, who apparently holds humans in a higher regard than his angels.

What do you think of Lilith?



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