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PostSubject: Uriel   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:58 pm


Uriel, portrayed by Robert Wisdom, is a coworker of Castiel. He is termed a "specialist" by Castiel, and is brought in to prevent one of the 66 seals from being broken. He is a much more aggressive angel than Castiel, and they often argue about their orders; despite this the two are shown to be close. Uriel seemingly has no patience with humans, placing no great value on human lives, and describing humans with disgust as "mud monkeys". At one point, he urges Castiel to kill an entire town in order to prevent the seals from being broken. He refers to the demon Ruby as a "stain". Uriel frequently clashes with Dean and Sam, and threatens to kill them on several occasions.

He goes with Castiel to kill Anna Milton, a fallen angel who used to be their angelic superior. It is revealed that he has Anna's Grace, which would restore her to her angelic form. Much to his chagrin, she manages to get it back from him and returns to her true form before he can follow through with his mission. He is later revealed to be angry that God places humans above angels; he supports Lucifer, and has been killing angels who refused to join him in freeing Lucifer. When Castiel refuses to join him, the two battle, but Anna eventually saves Castiel by killing Uriel.

What do you think of Uriel?



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