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 Rachel Carr

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PostSubject: Rachel Carr   Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:57 pm

Rachel Carr

Teacher and good friend of Serena and has a strong liking for Dan. In season 2's 17th episode, Blair, who had made an enemy of Rachel, started a rumor that Rachel and Dan were lovers. Rachel, distraught over the false allegations is comforted by Dan, Serena, suspicious of the two, takes a photo of the event and gives it to Blair as "proof". Rachel is fired as a result. After breaking up with Serena, Dan shows up at Rachel's door to apologize for everything and in the middle of apologizing is kissed by Rachel, who is no longer a teacher. They had sex after wards. It is revealed the school has decided to let Rachel keep her job since there is no definite proof anything happened and that the headmistress is trying to avoid a scandal from surfacing. At a school play, Blair was on a witch hunt after a Gossip Girl blast about her & blames Dan for the blast. Dan realizes that Rachel was the one who gave Gossip Girl the info, breaks it up with her. Dan told Blair that it was Rachel's doing & revealed to Blair that they had sex in the costume room & tells her "to do whatever you want with it". She leaves for Iowa when she's found guilty of resuming a secret relationship with Dan and sabotaging Blair's admittance to Yale.

What do you think of Rachel?



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Rachel Carr
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