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 Asher Hornsby

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PostSubject: Asher Hornsby   Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:11 pm

Asher Hornsby

Jenny's wealthy love interest. Dan informs Jenny that Asher is gay, having seen him kiss another boy outside the steps of St. Jude's. Jenny doubts Dan's word but soon discovers Asher's homosexuality. Blair confirms this to herself in order to use any dirt in his phone (stolen by Isabel and Nelly Yuki) against him and Jenny. Jenny and Asher broke up in 'All About my Brother' because he was outed as being gay by Eric, Serena's brother, who also outs himself in the process. He was in a relationship with Eric, and had been a patient at the Ostroff Clinic around the same time Eric was.

What do you think of Asher?



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Asher Hornsby
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